Newsbank - News You Can Use

by J. A. Hitchcock

As seen in the November 1999 issue of Interface Monthly

It happens at some point - you're looking for a news story you know you just read and can't find it. You search through all the newspapers and magazines you have and even on the web, and still can't find it. But you need that article for a business presentation, for your boss, for a school assignment or for that next important client meeting. What do you do?

Your best bet is your library and their computer connection to NewsBank, one of the world's premiere information publishers (a good reason to keep your library card active!). Log onto Newsbank InfoWeb and you'll find they've done all the work for you - they comb through hundreds of newspapers, news sources and domestic and international newswires for full-text news articles about current issues and events and even past historical events. From social issues to the arts, economics, the environment, government, science, health and sports - you name it and they probably have it. Each year, they select over 70,000 articles about events, people and places, providing comprehensive coverage for anyone who wants to be "in the know."

Based in Naples, Florida, NewsBank opened for business in 1972 and pioneered the integration of newspaper content into classrooms and libraries. When they merged with Readex in 1984 (a similar concept, except they compiled scholarly materials), they based their production facilities, editorial staff, customer service team and software development in Chester, Vermont. Now, almost three decades later, they provide service to more than 8,000 schools, universities and libraries worldwide.

"We've been growing like crazy," exclaims Ken Dufort, Director of Software Development. "Originally, we offered full-text articles on microfiche, then added CD-ROMs seven years ago. When we established our presence on the web two years ago, we found that to be the most popular medium so far - over 70% of our information is delivered via the Net."

Once you get connected to NewsBank InfoWeb at your local library, it's pretty easy to find what you want - they offer various kinds of searches, including cross-database searching and an easy-to-use interface - whether you're using a PC or Macintosh. NewsBank offers news and information from newspapers, newswires, periodicals, international sources, digested science journals, transcripts of speeches, radio and television broadcasts, plus U.S. Government, United Nations, and historical documents

They also provide daily news headlines with accompanying lesson plans delivered on-line to your library each morning, a wide variety of other information including facts, analyses, quotes, statistics and background information and graphics including maps, illustrations, charts and tables

NewsBank is a must for that next presentation, meeting, company newsletter or to research that college paper you're working on.

For more information about NewsBank, visit their web site or call them at (800) 762-8182 or (802) 875-2910. Business NewsBank, WebNews

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