Basket Case

by J.A. Hitchcock

If I get another basket as part of a present, I'm gonna blow! You know what I'm talking about. . .you get a present from someone and it's a lot of little things in a decorative basket. I was ecstatic the first couple of times I got one of these. I love getting lots of little presents as part of one big one. But the delight has worn off. I now have a closet full of baskets of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The latest was given to me by my mother on my birthday. I love my mom and I love the little goodies that came in the basket. But now I have a pretty, lilac-colored basket sitting on a shelf in a closet. I don't have any shade of purple in my house, so I can't use it in any of my rooms. I don't use baskets to decorate my walls like some folks do. I don't use them for rolls (I already have a roll basket and one is enough, thank you very much). I don't display fruit in baskets, I eat the fruit, so the basket would empty out quickly. What the heck am I gonna use these baskets for?

You guessed it! I use them as presents. I've taken them to dinner parties, filled with candies and nuts for the hostess. I've sent them to relatives, making sure I didn't send a basket they sent me. Then I used one for my stepsister when she had her baby. I filled it with baby items -- powder, lotion, a washcloth, bib, some toys, etc. She loved it. So what does she do? She sent me a different basket filled with goodies from the state of Maine for Christmas. It seems that as fast as I get a darned basket out the door, I get another one coming in. Aargh! I can't win!

So, if anyone needs a basket, I have plenty. And whatever you do, don't send me a basket. Just send me the goodies that would go inside one. I'll put them in my own basket, thank you very much.

Copyright 1997 J.A. Hitchcock
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